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1. Much more than 15 minutes of fame

Our flowers are the equivalent of A-list celebrities: gorgeous, desirable and boasting a longer shelf life than their contemporaries. Sourced from the finest suppliers around the country, they're groomed with fastidious care, fashioned to perfection and elegantly transported to their destination in the shortest possible time. And Turkflowers have got staying power, too: the impact they create when they arrive means that you won't be quickly forgotten.

2. Freshness that puts daisies to shame

Instead of lounging about for days in the back of the floral-equivalent of a cross-channel tour bus that crawls to all the florist shops across the Turkey , Turkflowers supermodels travel in style and in double-quick time. Air-con and foot spas (well, stem baths, to be truthful) are par for the course as our flowers are swanned direct from the Dutch auctions to our Heathrow Design Studio HQ.

3. More for love than for money (which means more for your money)

Relays schmelays, we say. When you order from Turkflowers, you order from a single, independent flower-loving company (the biggest one in the Turkey, in fact). We fight the good fight, and we do it alone. That means we're never passing on orders to other florists, taking a cut here, giving a cut there and appeasing any middlemen in between. For that reason, you only ever pay the true cost for a creative arrangement of exquisite blooms.

4. Not just perfect, but picture perfect

Every Turkflowers bouquet is lovingly crafted in-house by our team of inspired floral artists. It means we're able to monitor quality very closely and can promise that your purchase will never include a wilted blossom or tired stem. If we ever can't deliver exactly what you've ordered, we'll send you an email to let you know we'll be making a substitution. And you needn't fret about our florists' discretion... they would never dream of substituting anything of lesser value or of dodgy aesthetic appeal. Never.

5. Shiny, happy flower ambassadors

Our friendly, flower-loving customer service team like nothing more than shiny, happy customers. That's why they go out of their way to make ordering flowers as fun as receiving them. And we're happy to say it's not just us who think they're the bees' knees - they've got a shiny award from the DTI to prove it.

6. On time, every time

While there's a time and place for whimsy, we certainly don't think it's anywhere in between you placing an order on our website and your flower-loving friend being festooned with beautiful petals. That's why we only use the most reliable delivery service to chauffeur your flowers to their final destination. In short, your flowers arrive when you expect them, not when it suits someone else.

7. Our guarantee

Our auction house talent scouts are masters at spotting the hottest flowers on the floral catwalks. Every now and again, though, a charlatan gets through - a flower that looked far more than alright on the night, but who just can't go the distance. If any of these blooms end up in your bouquet, we promise to make up for our sins by offering you a full refund or replacement if you send us an image of the bouquet

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