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14th February. Valentine's Day

Every year 8 March. Women day

Every year. The second Sunday of May. Mothers Day

Every year. It's the third Sunday in June. Father's Day

Every year is November 24th. Teachers' Day


Turkish holidays

Official holidays

Jan 1: New Year's Day

National holidays

Apr 23: National Sovereignty and Children's Day (anniversary of the establishment of Turkish Grand National Assembly in 1920)

May 1: Labour and Solidarity Day (since 2009)

May 19: Atatürk Commemoration and Youth & Sports Day (the arrival of Atatürk in Samsun in 1919, and the beginning of the War of Independence)

July 15: Democracy and Freedom Day (since coup tentative of 2016)

Aug 30: Victory Day (victory over invading forces in 1922)

Oct 29: Republic Day (anniversary of the declaration of the Turkish Republic in 1923)

Religious holidays

Ramazan Bayrami: Three-day festival when sweets are eaten to celebrate the end of the fast of Ramadan month. Also known as "Seker (sweets) Bayrami" since it's customary to offer candies to family members and friends that are visiting.

Kurban Bayrami: Four-day festival when sacrificial sheep or cow are slaughtered and their meat distributed to the poor.

The dates of these religious festivals change according to the Islamic calendar and thus occur 10-11 days (exact difference between Gregorian and Lunar calendars is 10 days and 21 hrs) earlier each year. According to this;

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