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Turkeyflowersshop® Flower Exchange Purchase Agreement general terms and conditions: All Purchases of fresh flowers ("product") confirmed by accessing and confirming purchases of product shown on the Turkeyflowersshop Flower Exchange website Turkeyflowersshop , or placed over the phone, via fax or in person with your Turkeyflowersshop Sales Representative are subject to the following general terms and conditions and by confirming your order to purchase product placed with Turkeyflowersshop Flower Exchange, you agree to be bound by such general terms and conditions which are as follows:

CANCELLATIONS OR CHANGES TO AN ORDER: In the event you wish to cancel or change an order that has been placed with the Turkeyflowersshop Flower Exchange you must do so within 24 hours of your order being placed by calling your Turkeyflowersshop® Flower Exchange Sales Representative at +905469155894. If your cancellation is made within the 24 hour time frame but your order is scheduled to ship within 24 hours of receipt of your notice, Turkeyflowersshop will not be able to honor your request. While we will make every effort to accommodate your cancellation or change request when made within the 24 hour time frame, Turkeyflowersshop cannot guarantee that such request will be honored. You will be notified by a Turkeyflowersshop® Flower Exchange Customer Service Representative if we were unable to accommodate your request.

NO CREDITS FOR DELAYS DUE TO FORCE MAJEURE CONDITIONS: No requests for credits on product, freight or shipping charges will be accepted if your shipment is delayed for reasons beyond Turkeyflowersshop reasonable control including but not limited to the following: Courier delays caused by inclement weather conditions or mechanical problems, grower delays at the farm level or delays due to product held by the Turkey /Customs for inspection.

DAMAGED OR INCORRECT PRODUCT RECEIVED: In the event you receive product that is not what you specifically ordered or it is damaged when received, you must contact the Turkeyflowersshop® Flower Exchange Customer Service Department immediately at +905469155894 to assert your claims for credit. ALL SUCH CLAIM REQUESTS MUST BE MADE WITHIN 24 HOURS OF RECEIPT OF THE SHIPMENT THAT IS THE SUBJECT OF YOUR CLAIM IN ORDER TO BE CONSIDERED FOR A CREDIT.
(a) Damaged Product: If the claim request relates to damaged product the request must include the order number, bar code on the box label, amount of stems damaged, and photos of the damage.
(b) Incorrect Product Received: If the product received is not what was ordered, a faxed or emailed copy of the box label clearly showing the invoice number and contents of the box must be sent to 4905469155894 or info@turkeyflowersshop.com
(c) Full Box credits: Provided that the foregoing proper information for the claim has been timely submitted within 24 hours of the receipt of shipment, the Grower involved may require that the box that is subject of the claim, be returned to the grower with the bar code on the box label, and photos submitted along with the claim, before a full box credit is allowed. Therefore, Turkeyflowersshop Flower Exchange reserves the right to require that the Purchaser allow the box and product that is subject of the claim, to be picked up as arranged by Turkeyflowersshop and returned to the Grower for inspection. If all of the required information is timely provided and your claim is validated by Turkeyflowersshop, an Turkeyflowersshop® Customer Service Representative will issue a refund for the charge made for the incorrect or damaged product only, to your Turkeyflowersshop account. In the event that the claimant also wants the product replaced Turkeyflowersshop will arrange to do so and charge Claimant the current market price for such replacement product after the foregoing credit has been made to Claimant's Turkeyflowersshop account. Any claims filed after 24 hours of receipt of your shipment will not be accepted.

STANDING ORDERS: All standing order whether placed online or with your Turkeyflowersshop® Flowers Exchange Sales Representative, shall continue and be binding for one (1) year from the date of purchase. Your standing order will renew automatically unless Turkeyflowersshop® Customer Service receives written notice fourteen (14) days prior to the scheduled end date or one year anniversary date. Within this one (1) year time frame you are allowed to place on hold up to two (2) shipments of product per standing order. If you should need to hold a shipment, you must provide Turkeyflowersshop® Customer Service or your Turkeyflowersshop® Flower Exchange Sales Representative written notice at least fourteen (14) days prior to the ship date of the order. If you should terminate or cancel your standing order before the one (1) year commitment is up, this may result in an early termination penalty of 15% of the remaining sales dollars from your one year commitment as determined by Turkeyflowersshop® in its sole discretion. The Turkeyflowersshop® Flower Exchange reserves the right to cancel your standing order if your account becomes or is past due, or your membership is terminated by Turkeyflowersshop

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