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Product Code : 1675

Mix Flowers in Box,  10 red roses, 2 Bunch white lisianthus

Congratulations on your excellent choice. You have chosen a wonderful floral design. We will carefully prepare the flower of your choice for you. And we will deliver it safely to the buyer at your preferred delivery time.
Daniel Turner

an artistic work

This box of mixed flowers is a true masterpiece! The combination of 10 vibrant red roses, 2 bunches of white lisianthus, and fresh greenery is a symphony of elegance. The attention to detail and the quality of the blooms made this gift extraordinary. Highly recommend for those seeking a touch of sophistication

Natalia Ivanovna

Это стоит того

Эта коробка с разноцветными цветами - настоящее волшебство! Сочетание 10 ярких красных роз, 2 пучков белых лизиантусов и свежей зелени выглядит элегантно и живописно. Очень внимательный продавец: добавил дополнительные цветы по нашей просьбе. Благодарим за внимание к деталям и красивое исполнение

Olivia Turner


This box of mixed flowers is a true delight! The combination of 10 radiant red roses, 2 bunches of white lisianthus, and lush greenery is both elegant and vibrant. The arrangement reflects a thoughtful curation, making it a perfect choice for any occasion

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